Enex 100 Hay St Mall Perth


Our Services - Retail Design Management and Tenancy Delivery Management

Client - ISPT

Enex100 is a premium urban retail centre in the heart of Perth City.

dsld were responsible for the retail design management and tenancy delivery of all 25 tenancies, across two levels. The upstairs food area and surrounding environment was carefully designed to suit the urban and contemporary look of the overall centre. Enex100 features a spacious inner city design and an open and visually expansive space. Much attention has been paid to installations and artworks in the centre and it also boasts great energy efficiency. We were involved in the programming of the access off the Hay Street Mall and St. Georges Terrace, as well as the integration of fit-outs during the final stages of the base-build programming, and the ongoing maintenance of the project. We are especially pleased with how we helped orchestrate the architects' design vision for the centre.