Float and Restore


Retail Design and documentation

With very little time and opening day looming, we prepared a comprehensive mood board and branding concept to the client.

18.07.13 Float & Restore reception (1).jpg
18.07.25 Float & Restore - rev 15_Page_04.jpg
18.07.25 Float & Restore - rev 15_Page_14.jpg

The success of the project lay in the ability to conjure a design that reflected a calm and contemplative atmosphere while still residing within a busy suburban shopping complex . Float and Restore provides wellness through restorative salt bath float tanks, massaging and 'chill-out rooms'. With the design brief completed there were still lengthy requirements to fulfil, due to the more technical aspects of the float, including servicing, acoustics, lighting levels, and material finishes. The end result was relaxing for all concerned.